Life Coaching 101 – Differentiating Certifiable and Certified Coaches

Since many people who are unfamiliar with the field of life coaching but are looking to work with a life coach have this problem, I’ll be very pleased if this proves useful as a resource for your and their quest. So may these tips serve you – and anyone who you know might benefit from them.

Firstly, establish and write down the criteria for selection of your life coach. If you find, say, 10 coaches online whose websites you like the look of, how will you shortlist them? How will you decide whom of those 10 you’ll contact? And once you’ve contacted and spoken to the shortlisted, say, 5, how will you know whom to choose? You need some criteria according to which you’ll make your selection. Here they are Tony Robbins Chicago:

1. Location and environment.

Where are you looking to work with your life coach? At your home? At your coach’s home? In a public place such as a coffee shop or a hotel lobby? At your chosen location which you’d like your coach to travel to?

If you’re willing to travel to either your coach’s home or a mutually agreed public place, what’s the farthest distance you are willing to travel?
2. Time constraints

How important is your coach’s flexibility on time? Some coaches operate strict office hours. After a certain hour they switch off their phones and pack up their operation until a certain hour the next morning. That’s it.

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