How to Know If Life Coaching Is for You?

Do you have a goal or a dream for your life? Do you feel like you can do better and be more efficient at overcoming obstacles and discovering opportunities?

These feelings may indicate that you could benefit from working with a life coach. Here are some interesting facts that will help you decide whether life coaching is right for you. UPW 2020 London

What does a Life Coach do?

Goals can help you progress, improve and enhance your life. Always remember that even without determining goals your life still has meaning. The role of a life coach is to work with you on creating a plan that will help you accomplish these goals and move you towards a better life. However, you are the only person capable of determining goals and desires that are relevant to you and will make you happy.

A life coach is very different from a therapist, psychologist or a mentor. A psychologist’s role is to listen and to keep you analysing and speaking about your past, whereas a coach’s role is to question what you are saying and doing and offer you advice on how to move forward from your past, into a new and better future.

A good coach will help you to find clarity while assisting you to make progress regularly by helping you to:

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